LLumar® is committed to providing the highest quality architectural window film to enhance everyday living.

Our extensive range includes window films for  homes, offices, retail spaces, schools and anywhere in between. LLumar® window film helps to improve glass allowing you to live in greater comfort and safety while maintaining the aesthetic of your space.

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The materials used to decorate your home are sensitive to the sun, just like your skin. Carpets, upholstery, curtains, artwork, and even your wooden flooring and furniture are vulnerable to fading with exposure to sunlight. Fortunately, LLumar® window film helps to protect your skin and the things you love. Solar Control films effectively block >99% of harmful UV rays, significantly slowing and reducing the sun’s damaging, fading effect.

This helps keep your décor looking fresh and vibrant for many years. The UV rays in sunlight are the greatest cause of fading, while visible light and heat are also contributors. The more these factors are blocked, the longer your furnishings keep the fresh look you love.


While you love the rooms in your home that are bright and sunny, they often come at a price – hot spots that result in higher than expected energy bills.

The source of the problem is clear, it’s your windows. This makes it easy to improve on your current situation, because windows play a vital role in your home’s energy efficiency and indoor comfort, LLumar® window films are recommended to help reduce temperature fluctuations.

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In homes, offices, retail spaces, schools and anywhere in between, LLumar® window films are improving glass and helping millions of people live in greater comfort and safety while maintaining the aesthetic of their space.

LLumar® Decorative window film products will deliver an affordable and unique solution with stunning results. Bold graphic colours and distinctive designs bring retail spaces and commercial properties to life.

Durable decorative films can provide a custom look without the expense of glass replacement and can easily be updated when your tastes change. This flexibility is ideal for rental spaces where tenants’ requirements fluctuate.


Danger is ever present, but with LLumar® safety film, so is protection. Made of a clear, heavy-duty polyester compound, our safety window film provides a transparent barrier against threats. Durable and professionally installed, LLumar® provides a simple, cost effective alternative to safety glazing.

LLumar® safety films considerably increase the resistance of glass to break-ins, vandalism and explosion shock waves.

Windows are the most vulnerable part of any home and provide easy points of breakage by wind-carried debris, vandalism and other accidents. As a result, shattered glass fragments can pose a great risk in causing personal injury. With LLumar® safety film, you can reduce this risk, because it helps hold glass fragments in place until they can be safely removed and the glass replaced.

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