Dyed Window Tint is an affordable, long-lasting option for a sleek looking finish to your vehicle.

LLumar® Dyed Window Tint is made with integrated, colour-stable dye so the deep charcoal hue stays true. Other tint has dye applied only to the surface, making it less durable and likely to discolour. Choose your favourite LLumar shade for a sleek appearance that also comes with heat rejection and added privacy. The darker you go, the more heat rejection and privacy you’ll get.

We offer a range of tint shades, ranging from 5% to 60%. This percentage refers to the amount of visible light transmission (VLT) that can pass through tinted windows. Get in touch with your local fitment partner to find out more.


Great Looks
Dramatic or subtle, window tint is an easy way to customise your vehicle so that it stands out on the road.

Heat Rejection
The colour in dyed window tint helps to shield you from the heat of the sun. The darker the shade, the cooler your ride.

Added Privacy
Tint can add privacy, helping to conceal anything from a sound system to valuables left on the seat.

Glare Reduction
The darker the tint, the more it helps to reduce the harsh glare that irritates eyes on bright, sunny days.

UV Protection
Dyed window tint blocks 99% UV rays coming through your windows, causing damage to car interiors and skin.

Peace of Mind
Tint adds an extra layer to windows that helps hold glass together, keeping children, pets and other passengers safe.