LLumar’s ultimate defense against paint damage, Paint Protection Film.

The more you drive, the more you risk damage to a new or freshly painted vehicle. Add a layer of LLumar® gloss or matte paint protection film to help keep your shiny or flat finish safe from everyday road damage. Our road-tested PPF is like invisible armour, ultra-thin yet able to stand tough against stones, road dirt, insects, and other threats to a fresh finish.

LLumar PPF is designed to blend right in with either factory or custom paint, making it nearly invisible. This gives you the freedom to wrap every painted surface on your vehicle or mix and match coverage areas. You can protect more vulnerable areas such as the front bonnet, bumpers, door edges and side-view mirrors.

For a re-style with no repainting required, with matte LLumar PPF. It will give you an unmistakably custom, flat look.

Both matte and gloss finishes of LLumar PPF are self-healing, durable for thousands of kms and protected by a 5-year manufacturer’s limited warranty. * This is our assurance to you that your investment in paint protection is worth it, and that it will last.

*Some restrictions apply. 


Hydrophobic Coating – Self Healing – Stain & Dirt Resistant – 10 Year Warranty

Caring for your car is easy with LLumar® paint protection film; you can wash your car just like you normally would. Using a factory-recommended wax will keep your vehicle looking like the day it was installed. Whatever you drive — Hatchback, SUV or Ute — LLumar® provides the best option for keeping your vehicle in prime condition.

Most popular applications:

  • Headlights
  • Bonnet Edge
  • Door Edges
  • Door Handle Recesses
  • Rear Bumper Strip
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